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Busta Rhymes and On The Set Team Up On Next Project

The team at On The Set Locations has partnered with J. Jimenez and the team to lead the production of Busta Rhymes newest project.

The latest project by Busta and his team is set to start shooting on Nov 16th in Jersey City in a secret location managed by the On The Set team. Details of the project has not been released, but the project is set to debut in Jan 2023 on numerous platforms. Founder and Head of Client Relationship at On The Set has not released details, but having The Conglomerate Entertainment team, Busta Rhymes production company, in Jersey City is just one of the many projects that have moved to the other side of the Hudson since 2020.

Numerous project like The Best Man: Final Chapter, The Equalizer, The Joker have all has success filming in Jersey City and just this summer Samuel L Jackson and Geena Davis were filming the sequel to A Long Kiss Goodnight in Jersey City.

Will Jersey City be the next New York City in terms of production? "No", answered Jamie Sliverman at On The Set, "but with the proximity to NYC, the numerous locations and the economic advantages we offer a tangible alternative".

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Love this partnership! can’t wait to see the project.

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