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Netflix in Colombia. ¿Necesito decir mas?

With the streaming wars hotter than ever, Netflix is doubling down on its global ambitions. It’s a strategy that’s already reshaping the entertainment world, with series like Squid Game and Narcos becoming smash hits far beyond their countries of origin. In an era when entertainment companies are scrambling for revenue and attention, the future of the industry could depend on reaching a truly worldwide audience.

The question is, can Netflix do it, and stay the king of streaming? We saw this great story from Bloomberg as they travel to Colombia to visit one of Netflix’s most ambitious productions ever in Latin America, and gets a closer look at its global strategy with Vice President of Latin America Francisco Ramos and Chief Content Officer Bela Bajaria. With new series on the way such as One Hundred Years of Solitude (Colombia), Senna (Brazil), El Eternauta (Argentina), and Pedro Páramo (Mexico), Netflix's ambitions are setting up for a bold new future in Latin America - and beyond.

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