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1888 Studios: Massive Production Planned for New Jersey Waterfront in Bayonne

Bayonne, in Hudson County, New Jersey, may soon be home to the largest film and television studio in the state. The decision to build the studio originates from the long-time wish to give a new life to an empty and unused property near Bayonne Bridge, on the southwest edge of the city. The city’s leaders have settled to bring a taste of Hollywood-style movie charm to Bayonne.

In 2020, efforts to revive 13 lots along First Street near Avenue A in the south increased as the city renovated the area’s zoning. This land, overlooking Staten Island, was rezoned to make film production its primary purpose. Now, two years later, the company Togus Urban Renewal has applied to construct a 1.5 million square foot film and television infrastructure that is undoubtedly ambitious.

Designed by Gensler, a San Francisco-based company, the 1888 Studios’ renderings that have been recently unveiled show a view of the main road across the site, which is lined with palm trees; the entrance to the Studios west of Bayonne Bridge; and an aerial view of the entire lot. We also get a look at the multiple facilities, from buildings to store equipment, to office structures, to production and post-production studios. Other facilities included in the plan are a lighting and grip building, a central utility plant, a utility yard, a recycling area, and a facilities yard. There will also be four underground parking structures that allow for over 2 thousand parking spaces.

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