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Jersey City Becoming The Hottest Place To Film On Location

Jersey City is looking to eat New York City's lunch for on location film-making. If you've been paying attention, or if you have not been watching, you can help but notice the amount of film crews on the streets of Jersey City.

The city across the Hudson and a 5 minute Path Train ride from New York City has been the hottest place to film. With its great tax incentive, the ease of permitting and the great locations to shoot, Jersey City is ready for its close-up.

Most recently Queen Latifah's new CBS show "The Equalizer" chose some great locations in Jersey City to shoot. If you are looking to film then Jersey City may be for you.

(Location for Filming in Jersey City) -

(Location for Filming in Jersey City) -

(Location for filming) - boat at the Jersey City Marina

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